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“What were you doing at the time?”

40 Years ago today, Neil Armstrong made ‘One Small Step’ or ‘A Giant Leap’
depending on your point of view. Read the rest of this entry

I totally believe in positive thinking!  I believe that we draw things to us.   Negative thoughts only open the door to negative.   I have experienced many times what positive thinking can do.   I try to surround myself with positive people, being around negative people is a huge turnoff for me.   I practice every morning by saying affirmations about my goals, my work, my home, my health, etc.  It lifts me up and I actually get excited about the thoughts of wonderful things happening in my life.  I truly believe that amazing things and prosperity are coming to me.

This article was written by Kathy McCrary for her blog

How Words Unleash Energy

This is an email I received today from my good friend Vince Palko
Some of you may have heard of him; He’s a Retired American Football
Player and inspirational Speaker and Motivator

Here’s Vince’s email:


Was in the bookstore today and I came across a book on
how to make sure you are activating your Read the rest of this entry

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