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Jim Rohn: Questions To Ponder for Successful Living

Jim Rohn


The Most Effective
4 Questions You
Can Ever Ask Yourself
for Your Success

Jim said it best in his “4 Questions Speech”

You can hear Jim Rohn say it here Read the rest of this entry

Take Action To Receive Everything You Desire

Take Action To Receive

And You may Well Receive

Everything You Desire


It is strange that many of the most gifted thinkers in this world, live in relative poverty because despite their lofty ideas, they fail to TAKE ACTION with those ideas.  Hypnotise Yourself to Get Rich when you >click here<

They also generally fail to “Take Action To Receive”

Five frogs sitting on a log,
four decide to jump off,
how many are left?


they only made a decision,
they didn’t take action!

It’s all well and good having a vision but if you don’t do Read the rest of this entry
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