What was it that YOU say YOU couldn’t do?

How about this then?
What an inspiring Great Granny

Here is a 60 second video showing Doris Long, a 95 year old Great Grandmother abseiled down a 70 foot high building to raise money for charity

95 years old!

I wonder?
Did well meaning friends and family tell her
That she was too old?.. or
That it was too dangerous?..

Did they have her best interest at heart?
Again, yes, they probably did.

Did she listen to them?
Maybe.. but she just went and did it anyway

When she reached the ground a reporter asker her if she would do it again

She replied, I hope so, this time next year I hope
And After that
And After that
Until I’m 100 then I’ll retire

Good for You Doris

She didn’t say she had no time to do the things she wanted to do – She just did it!
She didn’t say she had aches and pains that stopped her doing it – She just did it!

And She want’s to come back and do it again and again and AGAIN!

My thanks go to the BBC News website

To watch the full report, go to the BBC News website here


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