My Friend Leah Dean sent me this message today
from her friend Dr. Joe Vitale
(One of the Stars of the Film The Secret)

It is so wonderful I would like to pass it on to you all:

Leah Says:
“Dr. Joe Vitale asked me to share this message with you!”

I need a favor.
I want to help people out of the hole and
into peace and prosperity.
To do that I’ve written a new book called
“Attract Money Now.”
It reveals a seven-step formula that will
help anyone who uses it.
I’m going to give away the book, too.
That’s right.
I’m going on national television to tell
the world about it.
There’s a “tell-a-friend” link under the
registration box at —

Just go there, click it, and enter the names
of people you’d love to see read my new book.
You can also tell your lists, twitter and blog it,
and anything else you think will help get the
word out. Just send people to that site.
Again, I intend to make a difference.
With your help, we can awaken the world.

Thank you.

I love you.


PS — I know what it’s like to struggle.
I was homeless once, and in poverty for
almost a decade. As they say, I’ve been
rich and I’ve been poor, and rich is better.
I want to help you and everyone else break freee.
Please register for the book and tell others about

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