If happiness is elusive to you; something that, despite your best efforts,
you just cannot find; then you are probably trying too hard to look for it,
like searching for a unique  path through a forbidden forest?

At this time of year, we frequently get a weather system called,
“Anti-Cyclonic Gloom ”

This is where the weather is just GREY!
Not Hot; Not Wet, Not Cold! Just GREY

You feel that the Dementors (from the Harry Potter Books)
have tracked you down and are sucking all the happiness out of you

If this is your situation, then just like Harry Potter
You must make sure you have your Patronus ready!

If you are not familiar with J K Rowling’s classic character
then maybe you can learn something from this excellent fiction

When Harry is pursued by the evil Dementors he faints!
Inside his head, he relives the worst experience of his life!

The experience makes him feel life is just not worth living
and relaxes, ready to accept whatever fate has to offer him

He Was Ready To Die!
And For No Good Reason!

When he finally realises that this is not an inevitability,
he summons every ounce of happiness he can find within him
and conjures up his Patronus.

This is the embodiment of the happiest thoughts that
lay dormant within him!

He is so surprised that the happiness is just there
waiting for him to grasp it!

It was just like his shadow; there all the time
but not something he could touch and feel

Harry was ready to give up and die!
He felt there was nothing worth living for!

Because he didn’t realise that happiness was just there all the time!
All he had to do was accept it and enjoy it!

When you feel that the Dementors have pursued you
and sucked all the happiness out of you

Just sit down in a quiet space and relax;
close you eyes and take a deep breath

Think a “Happy Thought” of a past experience in you life
and conjure up you Petronus!

Shout out the words to the spell,  “Expecto Patronus”

Repeat them over and over, “Expecto Patronus”
“Expecto Patronus”, “Expecto Patronus”, “Expecto Patronus”

Drive Your Dementors Away

You will be amazed at how effective this can be
Especially when you realise that your happiness
is just lurking behind you like your shadow

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