This is an email I received today from my good friend Vince Palko
Some of you may have heard of him; He’s a Retired American Football
Player and inspirational Speaker and Motivator

Here’s Vince’s email:


Was in the bookstore today and I came across a book on
how to make sure you are activating your brain on a daily basis.

One of the pages displayed pictures of different tasks
and the corresponding brain activity that lights up the
 part of the noggin and by how much.

Reading and writing had large chunks of the brain
alerted. Watching television -this had the lowest
activity in the brain, (a no brainer, eh).

Well, then it broke down reading silently and reading out loud,
which revealed that the latter activated parts
of the brain three times the size of reading silently.

It made me think of a funny story from
some time ago and how self-fulfilling your words are.

I had just finished clipping in the youngest’s helmet
for our family bike ride when Brad, our 6 year-old neighbor boy,
asked to join in the fun. 

“The more the merrier” i said.

We set out to ride to the little lake behind our house. 
Its about a mile ride there on all paved roads.

Brad’s tires were not inflated all the way, so he had to peddle extra hard the
entire ride.  About three quarters the way back  – he stopped
the caravan of mini bikers
and said those common three words,” I am tired.” 

And more kept coming.

“I cant go on.”

With a flushed red face he instructed,
“I need to rest here a bit, Mr. Palko.”

I let him get all the complaints out.  And smiled.

We stopped.  Everyone had their elbows on their handle bars.

I cut the silence with, “Let’s change the phrase from -I’m tired-
 to 3 simple words, I FEEL wonderful and see what happens.”

“Can anyone say it.”

The girls went first, “I feel wonderful.”

“How about you, Brad.”

 “I feel wonderful!”  he shouted.

Next thing I knew Brad took off like a rocket.


Sophia and I looked at each other in amazement.

We laughed.

He was 100 yards ahead of us in 7 seconds or less.

“Must not be tired anymore,” Sophia quipped.
These 3 words can do wonders for you.

Use them especially when you get up ion the morning.
Or as you drive to work in the car.
Or after a workout. 

Saying and hearing this will have the rest of your body believing you.

Your mind and body are influenced by your words.

Make your words POWERFUL and UPLIFTING.

Kick some major league hiney today!


Vince Palko

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