40 Years ago today, Neil Armstrong made ‘One Small Step’ or ‘A Giant Leap’
depending on your point of view.

 If you were alive at the time and aware, do you remember what you were doing?
On that occasion, I was at Uni but doing a summer vac job at Thetford in Norfolk UK
The company I was working for were building part of the then proposed Grangemouth
Oil Refinery in Scotland.
My job was to carry out tests on a range of fabricated vessels. The various tests took
between 30 minutes and one hour and had to be carried out every 3 hours for about 10 days.
This meant that during those 10 days I had a sort of 3 hour day. Between tests, I had to sleep,
eat, bathe and do whatever was necessary before getting back to the factory to perform
the next test. Watching TV was out of the question!

 Most of the other occupants of my hotel were camera men from the BBC who were on courses
learning how to use the new TV Colour Cameras that would soon be in service.
My hotel, like most at that time, had a TV lounge where all of the guests could watch
the only TV in the building.
There they would mutually agree which of the 3 channels available would be gazed at.

The moon landing occurred on about day 5 or 6 of my 10 day marathon. The only conversation
in the factory and at the hotel as well as in the taxis between them was,
“Did you see the Moon Landings?”
This was both intriguing and frustrating to me because I didn’t see any of it and I couldn’t wait
to finish my tests.

As soon as my final test was successfully completed and my taxi delivered me back to the hotel;
without thinking of food, sleep or bathing, I went straight to the TV lounge to see
what had happened on the moon.
“Oh No!” “Turn that off!” “We are sick of watching it!” was the cry from the other guests of the hotel.

So that was my memory (or not) of the first successful manned moon landing

 The Moral of this story is:
1, What was the hottest news in the world one day was disappointing trivia only a few days later
2, What is really important to some folk is of no interest to others

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