This was a question I was pondering the other day,

Why are Self Help books so called?

If you are “Doing Something Yourself” It doesn’t matter whether or not you read instructions about it in a book; or a friend or relative gave you guidance; or you got inspiration from a TV documentary; If you are “Doing Something Yourself;” you are “Doing It Yourself!”

If you need help, then you refer to the instruction manual. And you then get on and “Do It Yourself”

If you are trying to do something that you know absolutely nothing about then you may need Help or Guidance.

If you have a personal problem you have no chance of coping with; If you are drowning in the effects of this problem and you just cant cope at all?  Then you may well reach for one of the many hundreds of so called “Self Help” books available.

If you get a book that can help you solve this insoluble problem and you actually have the time to read the book and absorb its content and you eventually escape the worst of what the problem was.

Then, depending on your point of view you either
“Did It Yourself” or you had “HELP”

“Self Help” didn’t come into the picture.

You either “Did It Yourself”

OR you had “HELP!”

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