One And Only You

 Every single blade of grass,

And every flake of snow—

Is just a wee bit different …

There’s no two alike, you know.
From something small, like grains of sand,

To each gigantic star

All were made with THIS in mind:

To be just what they are!

How foolish then, to imitate—

How useless to pretend!

Since each of us comes from a MIND

Whose ideas never end.

There’ll only be just ONE of ME

To show what I can do—

And you should likewise feel very proud,

There’s only ONE of YOU.

That is where it all starts

With you, a wonderful

unlimited human being.

James T. Moore 



You are unique. We are all unique. We are like musical instruments in a universal orchestra.

All energy has it own vibrational frequency including every single person on this planet.

We are frequency generators. We have the ability to send out vibrations that are in harmony with the universe.

Thomas Troward said that our mind is a center of Devine Operation and that the Devine Operation is always for expansion and fuller expression.

It wants to express itself to the fullest through us. It is almost like a universal orchestra where we are the instruments and togehter we can play beautiful music.

However it requires each and one of us to discover what instruments we are and we all need play it to our fullest potential. That is in accordance with what The Devine Opertion, The Supreme Power, The higher Intelligence, The Source, The Force – the unified field or whatever you want to call this power really wants. Expansion and Expression.

We are all unique musical instruments in this universal orhcestra.

We can choose to use our musical instrument, make beautiful music and be in harmony with the universe



we can choose to let it be silent and not use it at all.

Bob Proctor – from The 11 Forgotten Laws

Going through life without creating is like letting your musical instrument be silent and just let it sit there to collect dust. What a waste.

A musical instrument has a purpose – it is suppose to be used and make beautiful music.

You have the ability to use the force within and CREATE while being here on Earth. We are all CREATORS.





No-one thinks thoughts like you – no-one sends out the exact same vibrational frequencies as you do. The mental fingerprint you leave behind in this universe everytime you think is unique.

No-one can create the beautiful music you can do by looking inside and getting intouch with the force within.

Get in touch with the abilty to “play beautiful music” from within ourselves.

If everyone where to look inside and see that they are unique they would realize they could make a differance. Our time on Earth will then be one of harmony and world peace.

Unfortunately way too many people do not even realize that they are “unique musical instruments” and that their unique sound is an important part of the universal orchestra we live in.


You are important and you can make a difference.


Use the musical instrument you have been given. Search inside and find your passion in life.

We all have a burning passion for something – we all have something we care about and would love to do as often as we can.

Use that passion to create for yourself and for everyone else you get in contact with on this Earth.

In your mind go back to your childhood – when you were a kid playing. What did you really enjoy the most? What made something inside you ignite? What made you tickle inside?


If money is no object – if you can afford anything and you had traveled the world 100 times and you had bought yourself your dreamhouse or dreamboat or whatever you would spend your money on – what would you then like to do with your time here on Earth?

What would give you joy? What would make you want to get up in the morning? What you give your life meaning?

Find that joy – that meaning – that passion. It is inside you.

Do this I-can-afford-anything excercise and find out what you would do with your time.

When doing this exercise people realize that the they would like to do something that will benefit other people.

It can be anything from creating jobs through a new business opportunity or working with a charity organization or being active in a community working with kids or developing a new product that would be of benefit for many people and so on.

Find your passion and see how your passion can benefit yourself and other people.

Play your “unique musical instrument” while here on Earth. If you do you will make a ripple that for sure would make a difference.

Thanks to


“We are here on this Earth to create a better world – first for ourselves – then for everyone else we get in contact with”.

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