What is on Your Prosperity Wheel?

Are you aware that Your Thoughts become things?
The more you think of something, the more likely it will enter your life.

This works equally well for positive and negative things
If you think over and over, “I will have fun tonight!”
Guess what? You WILL have fun tonight!

This process has a special name, its called:

If you really want to manifest something in your life, it is more effective to
write down this ‘goal’  rather than “just thinking about it”
It will be even more effective if you write it on something that you will see every day

Say you really want a New Car? or an exotic holiday? or a new special Partner in your life?

Get a colour picture of your ‘goal’ (a car; holiday or special partner) together with a colour picture
of yourself and stick them on the wall in a prominent place where you will see it every day

You have just made A Prosperity Wheel

That is a very basic Prosperity Wheel but it is a very good start

The next phase it to add pictures of all the other thing you desire;
put them in a circle with your picture in the middle


Yesterday I thought about adding an image of a Song Thrush to my Prosperity Wheel
because we haven’t seen any Thrushes near us for years.

Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) with a beak fu...

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This morning a Song Thrush was feeding on our lawn

I hadn’t got round to adding it to my wheel, I just Thought About adding a picture of a Song Thrush
(I must have my camera ready tomorrow morning in case it reappears)

Did my thoughts attract the Thrush?
Of course they did
OK, OK, OK I hear you!
A bird feeding on my lawn is not quite the same a a New Car or a Holiday
It’s really easy for God/The Universe/ Source to bring things that can fly…
That is very true but it all works the same way, the holiday and the car
just take a little longer to materialise.
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Can you manifest anything and everything with a Prosperity Wheel?

Yes you can; as long as it is realistic and You Believe You Can Achieve It.
There is no point trying to attract a Holiday on the Moon or a Formula One Racing car on your driveway
Or a Million pounds/dollars in your bank account tomorrow!
If your ‘Goal’ is realistic and You Believe You Can Achieve It,
a Prosperity Wheel will help you manifest your dreams
There is more to it of course.
The first thing is, You MUST Believe You Can Achieve It,
here is no point putting a picture of Your Dream House on the Prosperity Wheel
and saying to yourself, “That will never happen to me, I’ll never own a house like that!”
Guess what? Your thoughts will come true, You will never own the house.

The next thing is “The Universal Disclaimer”

This must be added to your Prosperity Wheel:
“These things or better now manifest for me in easy and pleasant ways
for the highest good of all concerned”
You don’t want to get money from an insurance claim for breaking your legs in an accident
or other Negative benefit, you must wish for “the highest good of all concerned”
I hope you have fun with Your Prosperity Wheel
and I wish you everything you desire

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