By Rick Baker SEDONA, AZ
(May 25, 2009)

With the current economic recession, many people are presented with economic challenges. As you are surely aware, individuals and families in great numbers are dealing with financial loss, unemployment and financial hardship. Our business leaders and financial institutions may have failed us in their stewardship and responsibility to society and their care for the common everyday man or woman.

How long will this situation go on?

I am struck how the depression era classic Think and Grow Rich drives this point home, and is just as pertinent today, as it was back then. The author, Napoleon Hill, talks about how people are in great need to find wealth and abundance in their lives during these hard economic times. The resources to find just that are our own burning determination, having a plan or idea (which we remind ourselves of each day) and auto-suggestion to our subconscious minds. This last part is actually very important, and fascinating that it was articulated as such over 80 years ago. Napoleon Hill makes the case that many of the great industrial leaders of his time, such as Andrew Carnegie, used such mind techniques. And to me, the belief and awareness of the subconscious mind working for us, is a huge relief. It means we are connected to a greater creative intelligence to help solve our problems and create what we want. Some contemporary quantum physicists would support the ideas Hill wrote about years ago.

Rick Baker lives in Sedona and is the author of How 2 Sell on (

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