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It is strange that many of the most gifted thinkers in this world, live in relative poverty because despite their lofty ideas, they fail to TAKE ACTION with those ideas.  Hypnotise Yourself to Get Rich when you >click here<

They also generally fail to “Take Action To Receive”

Five frogs sitting on a log,
four decide to jump off,
how many are left?


they only made a decision,
they didn’t take action!

It’s all well and good having a vision but if you don’t do anything about it, if you don’t take action all it will remain is a “vision”, a dream, not real.

Knowing what you want, being open to opportunities and taking action to achieve your desirers is a pathway that will lead you to riches. A clear and definite plan is needed. The ability to spot opportunities is important but without action nothing happens.

Having a very clear idea of where you are, which way you want to go, the goals you want to achieve on the way and a solid vision of what it is that you are heading towards means you can plan a route map to get there.

Take Action

It is important to set targets and then take efficient action along the lines of your goals, the goals on your journey are markers of your success. Focusing on what you do want, with it stated in the positive, is something that is easy when it’s something that you really want.
If it isn’t something you really want then it becomes a chore to continually focus on it, but if you do have a desire to achieve you goals then it is difficult to keep it from your mind.

 Define exactly what you do want
Make a definite plan to achieve it
Take action and receive it.

What you are going to give in exchange for riches? This is something that that needs thought, you really need to clarify your vision. Then plan your route map to get there with all the steps needed to achieve it. Do something every day to get there, take action and create it.

Riches are your reward for the creation of value.
When you create something of real value that others want,
they will reward you with money.
Wealth is yours,
when you take action and create value. 

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