What Is Your Dream Life?

To Have Your Dream Life 
You Need To Stop Dreaming
And Get A Clear Vision
 Of What That Dream Life Is

It may seem like an easy thing to ask people ‘what they want’
but if you ask someone “what do you want to do?
Where are you going to be this time next year?”
most people don’t know.

Or they have an “achievable” plan that’s not really what they want.
It is true that people limit themselves by negative thoughts on what is ‘realistic’.
Then they don’t have real enthusiasm for that plan because it’s not really what they want.

To have all that you want, you need to be sure what it is you DO want?
Leaving your future to chance and ‘whatever happens’ is giving away your power to be all that you can be.

Having a Clear Vision is step one.

To have your dream life you need to stop dreaming and get a clear vision of what that dream life is.
Once you have a vision and a clear idea of what you really want, you can then make plans to achieve it.
You can work towards it with a clear, focused idea of what you are heading towards.

If you were planning a car journey you would know your destination.
You would know your start point and you would plan your route.
Then you can estimate the duration and plan your schedule.
If it was a long journey, you might also plan in some rest stops and have activities planned for the family to make it fun!

It’s OK if there are diversions on route, if the road is blocked you can take a detour.
If you never leave home though, if you never get in the car, you will never get there.

Its time to get really clear on step one, its time to clarify your vision.

You need to know what you want and what you are going to give in exchange for it.
Once you are clear on what you are going to offer the world in exchange for riches you can begin to create value for people.

If a hot shot guru persuaded you to pay $97 on a 16 page eBook that would ask the right questions and give you the focus to clarify your vision, you would invest the time to answer those questions and take that step.

Well, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Hypnotist, John Vincent, has created an excellent guide for clarifying your vision and he is giving it to you as a gift for free. It is now up to you to decide to invest time in your self.

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